Before The Dam Breaks…

In Uncategorized on July 21, 2011 at 1:24 pm

               I spent some time on the phone today with an old client, let’s call him Mike, who is considering going into business with his son. Mike is one of the smartest guys I know. He told me so. He can ask more questions in 20 minutes than anyone I know. Insightful questions with complex answers. Elementary questions with obvious answers. Doesn’t matter, he asks because he wants to know. No problem here, I say, ask away.

              Now, Mike has run a successful business of his own for 25 years. He’s been through the wars – regulation, litigation, sky-high sales numbers in good times and scary low revenues in bad times. He’s savvy, flexible and, significantly, he understands that he does not have all the answers, in spite of his experience. He plans ahead, expecting sunshine while planning for thunder storms, so to speak. Mike runs his business prophylactically, that is to say, he takes affirmative steps to prevent problems before they become problems.

               Oh, how I wish more clients were like Mike. Don’t get me wrong. If a client has a problem, say a lawsuit or a bad contract or a souring relationship with a business partner, I’m happy to discuss necessary action, available alternatives and possible avenues for resolution. That’s my job essentially. But I’d much rather be spending that time and energy and, frankly, his money creating protections and shields from potential problems ahead of time.

               I suppose what I am trying to convey is this: we are just as good at structuring plans and processes designed to prevent a crisis as we are at steering you through one after it happens. Sit down with us before the wall cracks or the dam breaks. You may find you’ll sleep better at night. I know Mike does. He told me so.

              All the best.

              Bill Yanger

  1. Very well said as usual. Essentially my thoughts…hopefully I did not ask too many questions for our puny little business that we started.

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