Not In My World

In Uncategorized on August 2, 2011 at 10:33 am

               So, yippee and hurrah! Congress gets its deal done.


               The House passed the debt ceiling bill, or whatever one chooses to label it, yesterday and the Senate will do so today. And how proud they must be. It reminds me of a harsh but particularly prescient quote from writer and tweaker of the high and mighty Mary McCarthy back in the 50’s:

               “The American, if he has a spark of national feeling, will be humiliated by the very prospect of a foreigner’s visit to Congress—these, for the most part, illiterate hacks whose fancy vests are spotted with gravy, and whose speeches, hypocritical, unctuous, and slovenly, are spotted also with the gravy of political patronage, these persons are a reflection on the democratic process rather than of it; they expose it in its process rather than of it; they expose it in its underwear.”

               Okay, so I doubt one has much of a shot at getting elected to Congress without being able to read and write but beyond that, McCarthy’s got a point. Like the sagging reality of a nude beach, the view is often unpleasant. And for all the tea-bagging hysteria and chagrined progressive egos one thing seems to be lost in the hoopla of this “deal.” There is no real agreement here, no meeting of the minds, no contract.

               They have done nothing more than agree to agree. No wait, actually they have only agreed to take a stab at agreeing by passing the buck to a “commission” to hammer out details one suspects will be slippery at best. This is less governance than it is sanctioned procrastination. And in my world, the real everyday world, the world of business contract language that necessarily binds the parties to specific action and defines the consequences of failure or breach or inaction, slippery procrastination just don’t cut it, Brother. If you and your company are able to pawn off your tough and gritty decisions to some hazy “commission” and still turn a profit, more power to you. I suspect that is not the case.

               So, do they have a deal? Yeah, maybe. But an agreement?

               Not in my world.

               All the best.

               Bill Yanger

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