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Splat! Agreements To Agree Are Stinky Business. Just Ask Congress.

In Uncategorized on November 21, 2011 at 3:15 pm

               We are trying so hard not to say it. Really, we’re trying, promise.

               But there is just no way around it. The reality is too stark and the lesson is too valuable.  So…

               We told you so.

               There, said it.

               Back in August, Congress pulled its epic fail on the debt ceiling crisis and then, with fingers pointing every direction but at themselves, dove head first into an orgy of self-congratulation after tossing the hot mess into the hands of the pompously named Super Committee and proclaiming to the world that they had “a deal.” In our post back then “Not In My World” (yes, by all means, read it again…) we said:

              “They have done nothing more than agree to agree…This is less governance than it is sanctioned procrastination. And in my world, the real everyday world, the world of business contract language that necessarily binds the parties to specific action and defines the consequences of failure or breach or inaction, slippery procrastination just don’t cut it, Brother. If you and your company are able to pawn off your tough and gritty decisions to some hazy “commission” and still turn a profit, more power to you. I suspect that is not the case.”

               As has become clear today, that slick dodge and toss in August has boomeranged back to Capitol Hill with a sickening splat. And it stinks. Badly.

               But told you so.

               An agreement to agree is not an agreement. It’s a negotiation, a delay, a punt. It is simply an invitation to be lazy now and then tangle later.

               Don’t do it.

               All the best.

               Bill Yanger